September 12, 2013

So I Went Out & Bought Me A Crock Pot Slow Cooker!

So it's early Monday morning, Labor Day, but this post will probably publish a few days after Labor Day on the account that it evolves around the day.  It's my day off and you'd think I'd sleep in considering I get up at 5:30 everyday, but instead I'm up at 6:00 in the morning ready to take on the challenge of cooking an old good American favorite....pot roast.  Of course I'll be putting a little Cuban twist to it, not too much of a twist, I'll just be adding some cumin to the recipe.  There's something about the cumin smell that takes me back to my Mother's kitchen.  Ahhhh.

I love to cook, for some reason or another I haven't had the urge to cook.  I guess the length of time that some recipes require has lost its appeal to me.  So I went out and brought me a Crock Pot slow cooker. Yep I did.  This way I still can enjoy a homemade meal without investing too much time in the kitchen.  This will be a first attempt at both the pot roast and slow cooker.

Let's go to the kitchen and get started.
The recipe I followed is from the little cookbook that came with the purchase of my crock-pot.  But before I get to the recipe and although it didn't call for any marinating or pre-seasoning, I went ahead and did just that.  First I pinched a few deep holes in the roast with a steak knife and filled it with garlic gloves (a long-time tip from my beautiful eldest sister Zara).  Then I rubbed the roast with Badia's Complete Seasoning, salt and pepper and covered it with aluminum foil leaving all the seasonings marrying in the refrigerator for a little over 24 hours.
I take the roast out of the refrigerator, set it on the counter as I reach for the little recipe cook-book.  The first step is to brown and drain the roast.  So, I pour some extra-virgin olive oil in a frying pan heat up the oil on medium heat. The roast starts to make a nice sizzling sound as soon as I placed the roast on the pan.  I set it down on the fat part first and sizzled it to a nice crispy brown, then turn it over on its other side for more sizzling perfection.
While the roast was browning, I went ahead and cut up the vegetables:  carrots, celery, potatoes, onions and mushrooms.  Then I rinsed them and set them aside to prepare the mix to cover the roast.
The mixture for coating the pot roast consists of flour, salt and pepper ; this is where I added my own ingredient...Cumin.  Really easy to put together.  Just grabbed my favorite green bowl and started pouring in the ingredients. Then mixed it all together with my clean hands, followed by coating the pot roast and making sure I covered it all.
After coating the roast with the seasoned flour mixture, in the crock pot it goes.  Then top it with the onions and mushrooms I had previously chopped and put aside.  And although the recipe didn't call for it, I poured in a bit of beef stock, covered the pot, set it on low and left it to cook for 10 hours.
Then as if I didn't have enough of cooking, I continued in the kitchen and whipped me up what I call a yummy-mushroom-onion-scrambled-eggs-topped-with-sharp-cheddar-cheese-yum-yum for breakfast!!!  I know that's a mouthful, but it's fun to say!  Let say it again...yummy-mushroom-onion-scrambled-eggs-topped-with-sharp-cheddar-cheese-yum-yum!  Lol!  Anyhoo, I chopped up some onions and fresh portobella mushrooms and sauteed it in pan drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.  Then I added the whipped eggs and let it sit in the pan for a few minutes.  I like big chunky scrambled eggs so I let it sit in the pan as I grate some sharp cheddar cheese on top.   I let it form sorta into an omelet before I start scrambling it, that's how I get my big chunks!
Ready to eat!  Bon appetite!  Buen provecho!  Good eating!
Well, let's fast forward 10 hours and check on the pot's sure smelling good around the house!  Wow!  Looks good and ready.  Tasty too!
I enjoyed it very much.  The potatoes and carrots where nice and tender.  The pot roast was as juicy and tasty as it looks.  I look forward to cooking more recipe in my new crock pot slow cooker.
Oh before I forget, here is the recipe just in case y'all wanna try it.  It was really so simple for such a hearty meal!


America's Favorite Pot Roast
-3 1/2 to 4 lbs boneless pot roast
-1/4 cup flour
-2 tsp salt
-1/8 tsp pepper
-3 carrots, chopped
-3 potatoes, peeled and quartered
-2 small celery, chopped
-10 buttons mushrooms, sliced  (I used portobello mushrooms)


-Trim all excess fat from the roast, brown and drain.
-Combine 1/4 cup flour, salt and pepper and coat meat with the flour mixture.
-Place all vegetables except mushrooms in the Crock Pot Slow Cooker and top with the roast.
-Spread mushrooms evenly over the top of the roast.
-Cover and cook on Low for 10-12 hours or on High for 4-6 hours.

Enjoy!  Now be sure you come back and let me know how it turned out for you!


September 10, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #38!

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!
Last week's party was very, very popular. We had so many views on lots of links!  In fact, the number one most viewed post, How Much Money Can a Blogger Earn?, was written by Paula of Beauty Through Imperfection. 

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The Top 4 Most Viewed Posts Are...
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September 9, 2013

Soul Food Monday - An Inspirational Link-Up #48

Man is the soul that uses the body as an instrument of self-expression.

Hola Readers! Hope this morning everyone is having a great rise along with a BIG appetite for life where ever in the world you may find yourself today. A life filled with excitement and prosperity!   Acknowledging first that we are more than just a body is a good start to healthy wholeness.  Let's take time to feed the soul. We feed our bodies with healthy foods to get enough energy and nutrients for optimal growth and development.  We feed and stimulate the mind with books, movies, plays and games for personal and creative development.  The same principal applies to feeding the soul.  It is just as important to feed the body as it is to feed the soul!  After all, the soul is the core of who we are!  It is who we are.  My own experiences of honoring my soul has helped me make this connection with my very soul.  And my life is so much richer in so many ways I could not have even imagined.  This is why I refuse to believe that we are just here to work, eat, sleep and die.  Yes, these are inevitable experiences we live as human beings, but we are spiritual beings as well.  So join me every Monday with a different food for the soul.
I've seen too many people express, indirectly, how their Mother is a burden too them.  Showing over and over again how their Mother is way down on the priority list right after friends, work, football games, a party, movie, a book or even just watching T.V.   Did I mention football games?  Perhaps I'm sensitive to the topic because I lost my Mother when I was 18 and all I can think of is if she were alive I would let her know just how special and valuable she is to me.  So it really pisses me off to see other people push their Mothers to the sideline.  Perhaps they don't see the damage they're doing to their own lives by doing so.  It just hurts me when I see it, especially with my own children. 

This week's feed on...honoring your father and mother:

Are you honoring your Mother and Father?
What's inspiring you this week?

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